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What UMC membership
can do for you...

Membership in the United Motor Club of America, Inc. gives you peace of mind when the unexpected happens on the road. You can call upon your club for many benefits.



UMC - "Your Ideal Traveling Companion!"

United Motor Club is a membership program established to provide service and protection to the motoring public. It should never be thought of or referred to as insurance even though many benefits of membership are paid as reimbursement after filing of a claim by members. Automobile clubs and associations are regulated under separate laws in most states and should not be confused with insurance regulations.


United Motor Club is headquartered in Paducah, Kentucky. With the outstanding benefits offered, our company is adding thousands of satisfied customers each and every day.


Most important is the fact that in deference to its low cost, United offers benefits to its members that are superior to those of many better known motor clubs. By offering this product through your company or organization, you are providing a valued service to your customer or member.


Within this website you will find all the information needed to explain the product as well as samples of the forms necessary for enrolling members. It is our goal to always make signing and renewing memberships as simple as possible.



  • Emergency Road Service "ERS"
  • 24 Hour Dispatch "ERS"
  • Emergency Travel Expense
  • Emergency Ambulance Expense
  • Travel Itinerary Service
  • $100 Traffic Court Defense
  • Stolen Automobile Reward
  • Personal Defense Fees
  • Legal Fees
  • Traffic Court Appearance Bond
  • $10,000 Bail Bond
  • Additional benefits may from time to time be added as we enhance our product

Member: One individual paying membership fees.

Associate Member: Defined as a member of household and can include student away at school

Membership covers the individual, not the automobile.